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YorKee, Kempton & Richy D founded the Northern Dance Collective in 2016 after many years of playing on the DJ circuit. Then in 2018 the guys decided it was time to share their passion for dance music over the airwaves so NDC Radio was born. The guys at NDC have been playing up and down the country in pubs, clubs and at dance music festivals for over 35 years now. They were joined in 2019 by many other quality DJ's including, Rach K, Dave Barrett & Deaf Jam Chimp. Here at NDC Radio we actively encourage & welcome up and coming DJs and producers and regularly offer free guest spots on the station to new comers of all abilities. We also produce our own dance music and release this through the NDC radio label "Outer Limits"


Dave Barrett

Our Resident DJ's - YorKee - Kempton - Richy D - Dave Barrett - DJ Paul Rowe - Rach K - Booty - Phil Stokes - Scott Richies - Def Jam Chimp - Kid Dynamite - ScudderNation - Gary Williams - Plus weekly guest DJs every week !


If you like what we do, why not contact us via email or follow us on our Facebook & Twitter accounts. You can listen to our YouTube channel and go to each one of our DJS own Mixcloud accounts. We are always on the lookout for up and coming talented DJ's who want a chance to showcase their skills or try out on the radio, we can offer free guest spots on the station so just drop us a line for more info. You can also hire any of our resident DJ's to make your party or event extra special, just use the contact details below for more information and availability.

More about the founders


YorKee (Owner)

YorKee is the owner of NDC radio and one of the 3 founder members of the "Northern Dance Collective" 

YorKee has been playing dance music since 1988, he's an old school raver from back in the day when acid house first hit the UK clubs. With a massive back catalogue of old school classics he's always got a nugget ready to drop into one of his sets.      


Kempton (Station Manager)

Kempton is also one of the 3 founder members of NDC.  

As well as being an accomplished DJ and record producer Kempton is NDC  radio stations manager. Kempton has been playing since the 1990s and also has a massive back catalogue of house classics he knows intimately. 

A master of his craft his skills on the decks are a feat to behold and a pleasure to hear.     


Richy D (Production Manager)

Richy D is the 3rd founder member of "NDC". Like Kempton Richy D has been playing dance music since the 1990s and was a regular booking in the clubs around the UK for many years. Richy plays many genres of dance music but he  has a particular love of Soulful house and Garage.

Skillful, seamless mixing comes as standard with Richy D, yet another master of his craft.    


Phil Stokes (Broadcast Manager)

Phil was invited to join the Northern Dance Collective in March 2020. 

Phil is a very accomplished DJ and has played at some very prestigious venues and events both in the UK and around the world. Phil's passion and knowledge for all genres of dance music is legendary amongst his peers. 

Phil knows how to play to the crowd or venue to give maximum satisfaction every time he plays. 

A master at his craft and a great addition to the NDC team and DJ line up.         

Up coming shows and Guest DJS -

Guest DJ Sets  

Shaun Haze (Deep Radio ) 

Jackmaster Jay (Sheffield Techno Alliance)

DJ Impact (Sheffield Techno Alliance)    

James Scott (About the Beats Radio)

DJ Morgan (Independent)

Jon Walcott (Stomp Radio) 

Scott Race (RehaB)

James Womersley (RehaB) 



Every Sunday During Lockdown 

NDCs Lockdown Garden Party (12 hours)

12 noon to 12 Midnight 


NDC live at Tramlines (Sheffield) TBC 


YorKeeFest All Dayer (Skegness) invitation only ticket event (Date to be confirmed) 

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Contact Us

  • If you are a DJ looking for a guest spot or a new residency just use the contact detail below in the first instance


  • If would you like to book one or more of the NDC DJs for your party or event please contact our office below for more details.  

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